Wednesday, September 2, 2009

18 Kids and ENOUGH Already!

The Duggar family seriously needs to QUIT IT. I'm not even referring to their need to propagate and fill the world with as many baby Duggars' as their overworked reproductive organs can manage. That being said, the first utterance that escaped my lips after hearing Monday morning's Today Show teaser of "We've got the Duggars' here and they've got some BIG news!" was a guttural "UGGGHHHHHH", followed by an under-the-breath "fame whores". Now, my feelings stand that as long as the children are being provided & cared for adequately it's really none of my business how many millions of children they decide to pop out. But, SERIOUSLY? Do these people actually need to announce the conception of every one of their children/grandchildren on national television? Furthermore, how is this news? Aren't we just to expect that any BIG news from the Duggars' is, in one way or another, baby related? Sheesh.

I've never felt the need to say word one about the Duggars' and their lifestyle or their show for that matter. I actually watched an episode once and it wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen on TV and while we're on the subject neither was My Name Is Earl so exactly what kind of crap are you trying to pull, NBC?! Oh shoot, I've lost my train of thought again... all aboard? Ok, so they are totally less fame whore-y than Jon & Kate and Nadya Suleman combined but they are still riding that same gravy train. Oh man, two train idioms in one post is choo-choo much! (Have I mentioned I'm a bit of a dork? No? But you could tell anyway? Thought so…) Now that we've established this let's get back on track… aaaaaaaaand that makes three and I am officially insufferable. Now maybe their initial intentions for documenting their lives on camera were NOT to whore out their family but 1 TLC series, 5 birthing specials & too many to count televised birth announcements later, I can't help but wonder if all that payout isn't turning the Duggars' greedy for the profits from yet another mini money maker.

You know what I think would make better television? A family who, much like the Duggars', has the emotional & spiritual health and fortitude to raise a huge brood, but decide after having say half a dozen biological children, that "Hey, we love kids, right? We'd like to have an absurdly huge family, eh? Well, aren't there literally THOUSANDS of babies & children who are already born who need a loving home and family? I know, let's adopt!" The Duggars' claim that they are following God's plan by having copious amount of children by eschewing any and all birth control methods. All I'm saying is, if you want a slew of kiddies, that's fine, but how about being a little more selfless and a lot less irresponsible (God's plan or no, if everyone ascribed to the Duggars' methods, pro-Lifers would be A LOT busier) by adopting a child who needs you instead of becoming the human baby mill?

Apparently I DO have an issue with the Duggars' and their "come what may" attitude to reproduction. I can't help it, I think it's a tad on the selfish and unnecessary side. I don't think they are bad people and I applaud them for doing what seems to be a decent job in raising a gaggle of children all at once. To date it seems the biggest detriment unearthed of growing up in the Duggar house is not getting to make-out with anyone prior to your wedding day. That is pretty brutal but who knows what kind of psychological damage the children of the decidedly screwy Nadya Suleman and the Gosselin's will have in store? Just think, if Octomom (god, that name is repulsive) had decided to adopt 8 children instead of paying for her IVF doctor's 3rd condo in Boca, people would still regard her as a nut job but an admirable nut job (with a penchant for bad plastic surgery). That and she'd be this much closer to living her dream of becoming the clone of St. Angelina the Holy Savior of the Orphaned.

Praise be.

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