Thursday, October 8, 2009

So Funny, It Hurts...

I am a total sucker for funny people. I love when someone can make me cry with their comedy and these dudes do just that aaaaaaaaand they are cute to boot! So for that, I say: BONUS! Give me a geek in glasses with a penchant for self-deprecation and I'm yours…

Andy Samberg

Andy is one of the best reasons to still be watching Saturday Night Live. He is smart, goofy AND ambitious. Together with his childhood friends Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, they are The Lonely Island, responsible for crafting the hilarious Digital Shorts you see on SNL. One of my favorite skits that Andy starred in was "Ras Trent". Andy assumes the role of a white suburban kid who has stumbled onto Rastafarian culture and does an amazing job at completely skewing its message. I can't help but crack up when he refers to himself as a "Rude Boy living in the shanty dorms" or how he tells his "Bumbaclot parents [that] he's switching religions".

His poseur ignorance has me LOL-ing out loud.

Martin Starr

Martin may be best known for his work as Bill in Freaks and Geeks (SUCH an amazing show) but he became more recognizable after he appeared in Knocked Up as the character, get this, Martin, the dude with the beard and pinkeye, or was he just high? He has successfully cultivated his dry, acerbic humor for the masses and usually plays those hopelessly loser-ific characters your heart can't help but break for. He has recently shown off his acting chops in Adventureland (which I have yet to see, g-d it!) and is currently featured in one of my favorite new shows on the tube, Party Down.

Check out this clip of Martin's character, Roman, attempting to mark his territory when threatened by the new guy on the job.

Jemaine Clement

Jemaine is one half of the New Zealand duo known as The Flight of the Conchords. This past season, Jemaine (unsuccessfully) attempted to prostitute himself when he and his cohort Bret fell on tough times and on another occasion (albeit unknowingly) slept with an Australian. Oh, the scandal. Anyway, my true love and devotion really stems from (my favorite recent movie) Eagle VS. Shark. Jemaine plays a doofy, douche-y character named Jarrod (the eagle), a socially awkward man-child with major familial issues and, despite his shortcomings, a devoted love interest, Lily (the shark). His actions are fairly repugnant throughout but his cluelessness and broken little boy back story grants him redemption in the end.

In this clip Jarrod threatens his high school bully over the phone. Have I mentioned I looooove this movie?

James Franco

Ok Ok, so he's more known for being a dreamy dreamboat. Let's give the guy credit where credit is due, he IS, BUT he's also hilarious and mostly because it seems like he's not even trying to be. Another Freaks and Geeks alum, James first caught my eye there playing bad boy Daniel Desario, the 80's answer to Jordan Catalano. Are you swooning yet? In response to his character being told he's completely unreliable he bites back with: "Well, you're certainly reliable, you're always a BITCH!" Funny, right? Really, it's OK to laugh. ANYWAY he convinced the non-believers he could, in fact, be a comic actor when he took on the role of Saul in Pineapple Express playing the loveably clueless dealer and friend to the reluctant Dale.

This scene CRACKS. ME. UP.

Charlie Day

I may have saved the best for last. Charlie stars on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia where he plays the aptly named Charlie, one of five, mostly reprehensible, characters in charge of running "the worst bar in Philadelphia". The gang, as they are referred to throughout the show, are morally corrupt, ignorant and downright hilarious. Charlie is actually the most redeeming character, at times displaying the show's ONLY source of empathy or decent judgment in the face of the gang's usual duplicitous schemes. Though no angel himself, Charlie has stooped as low as pretending to have cancer in order to score the sympathy of "The Waitress", his unrequited love. If you AREN'T watching this show (for some insane reason), you really need to do yourself a favor and just watch it already.

This is probably my favorite Charlie moment:

The "Sunny" gang are branching out with their talents and recently put on a select city tour of their original musical: The Nightman Cometh which I was lucky enough to see live AND in Philadelphia, no less!

I also scored some pretty sweet footage, thanks to the bee, which you can check out here.

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