Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Deeply Disturbed Darling

DEXTER. I'm talking about Dexter people. Please tell me you watch this show and DO NOT tell me that you don't watch it because you can't afford Showtime because I'm as cheap as a dollar store christmas card but even I decided we had to spring for the movie package because I couldn't be without "America's Favorite Serial Killer". That tagline makes the show sound worse than it actually is. Actually, it makes it sounds both better AND worse because, let this be said now, the show is no pleasant stroll through the park. There is often very violent, visceral, gut churning subject matter not to mention imagery but good LORD if that doesn't make it one of the most original and well written shows out there. Hell, how many cable shows get picked up by a network to run the show in syndication just after the first season wraps? I don't actually know the answer to that question but what I CAN tell you is that CBS picked up Dexter to repeat it's amazing first season the summer after it originally aired and I'm pretty sure that doing so secured a whole new set of eyes for the show. Because it's awesome.

Four seasons in all and Dexter has rarely left an opportunity open for disappointment. Yeah, the 3rd season lost my interest just a bit but that was mostly due to the fact that everything had become so convoluted at that point and the big shocks of Seasons One and Two just weren't there anymore. Well well well, my comrades in skepticism, you will be pleased to know (if you don't already) that Dexter BA-RAWGHT it this season. Who knew that "domestic" Dexter would get himself in more trouble than ever before? John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer (more like Quad Killer after last episode's revelation) has added an amazing degree of crazy to the mix. Lundy dies, I mean SERIOUSLY? Can Deb even begin to catch a break romantically? Girl is doomed. The biggest thorn in my side, and has been the same since about Season Two when she started to get an attitude (and possible reconstructive facial) adjustment, is Rita; Dexter's dopey, doting, ever-so annoying wifey poo.

She WAS perfect for him in Season One, allowing him to go about his killing in peace with few questions asked along the way. Then she seemed to get a full on make-over (botox and 50's housewife chic, oh my!) in Season Two and went from the sweet and understanding, good natured, if not a complete doormat Rita, to supreme holder of the bitch-face Rita, and in some regards, rightly so. So, Dexter had his tryst with Lila. It was a bad call on all counts. He took care of that problem though, didn't he? I have no sympathy for a cheat, but even I had a hard time begrudging Dexter after that one. Rita got all know-it-all and pushy and made Dexter join NA even though no one in their right mind would ever mistake Dexter for a heroin addict. Rita just, well, really sucked and this season she took suck to a whole new level. But Dexter loves her and the kids and if she's cool with Dex then I guess she doesn’t need to meet the inside of industrial strength plastic wrap just yet.

Dexter is the perfect good guy's bad guy. Trust me, you want this killer on your team. He has a soft spot for kids, likely because he was left soaking in 2 inches of his mother's blood for 2 days as a toddler. See? He's got issues just like the rest of us. His tend to lean toward the extreme and horrifyingly tragic than most of us have been exposed to but pobody's nerfect. Dexter is more than just cunning as a killer, he is downright genius. The man passed up a medical license to work in forensics as a blood spatter specialist because it's his passion NOT because he doesn’t have the brains for biology.

Dexter is also the owner of the best theme music/opening titles on television. But don't take my word for it. You be the judge…

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