Friday, December 11, 2009

Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog are easily my favorite band, their sound is amazing, THEY ARE AMAZING. I know, I am like so prolific right now. The reason I bring them up AGAIN is because I seeing them AGAIN, tonight at a sold out show in a bowling alley in Brooklyn. I have no idea what to expect except that I will fight my way tooth and nail to the front because, well, because I haven't really thought this part out all the way just yet. Maybe I am planning on climbing on stage and maniacally bopping along with the rest of the band during their set, or maybe I'll get saucy and be that asshole who shouts in between every song: WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! or Play "Say Something!", "SAAAAAAAAAAAAY SOMETHING!" as though they don't know the names to their own damn songs and don't have a perfectly stellar set-list already figured out and really lady? just save your breath because no one enjoys your shrill banshee scream not to mention that nobody paid good money to hear your big mouth, so shut it.

I have yet to decide on how I'm going to embarrass myself. The only thing to be certain of is that I will.

Everything I read about Dr. Dog likes to say they sound a lot like the Beatles. And they do. Not JUST like the Beatles though, I hear some Beach Boys and Dylan in there as well and just to be clear, people get all caught up in bands needing to get their "own sound" or whatever. I think that’s total hogwash. We are all inspired by the works of those we admire, so not to confuse the issue, Dr. Dog may sing luscious harmonies that could make Paul McCartney weak in the knees, but these guys are nobody's band but their own. And it's not like the Beatles weren't influenced by others. Lest we forget, I count Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Bo Diddley ALL as significant inspirations especially for their early sound, just to name a few.

So while I get ready to fan-girl out tonight, I wanted to share this video I found while scouring footage of Dr. Dog on YouTube. I had never heard "I'm In The Light" until I saw this in-studio performance captured by Paste Magazine in 2008. WOW. That's all I can really say. I love all things "Dog" related and I have basically worn out all the recordings I have of them. I was beginning to wonder if anything else could live up to what I already know and love. And then I heard this song. It's beyond beautiful and I am LOVING their use of found instrumentation, especially the vocal vibrato/distortion tubes.

I've skipped right over impressed to completely and totally in AWE of this band.

I. Just. Love. Them.

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