Thursday, January 28, 2010

Out Of Control

Before Dave Coulier became the insufferable Uncle Joey on the now classic 90's sitcom Full House, he was just Dave, pulling his "Cut-It-Out!" shtick on a much beloved TV show from my childhood. Out Of Control fell somewhere between the categories of talk/variety/random absurdity aimed at children that aired between 1984-1988 on Nickelodeon.

The show hosted a nonsensical cast of characters and topics like "How NOT to do Things" and "Hurry Up!" where host Dave would pull a lever to speed up an otherwise boring activity. But my favorite was always "Fast-Told Fairy Tales" where the zany Diz Aster (get it?) would tell her version of a classic tale at lightning speed usually followed by her trademark "Ah-ahah! Ah-ahah!" shriek. She's kind of like a Gwen Stefani/Cyndi Lauper hybrid.

Now tell me, how could you NOT love that?