Friday, February 19, 2010

Johnny Weir Was ROBBED

and I am clearly not the only one to feel this way:

Example of Outrage V.1

Example of Outrage V.2

I'm actually the lamest lame-o in the land because last night as I was eagerly awaiting Johnny to take the ice, snuggled under my afghan with my cup of Ovaltine and my Werther's Originals tucked between me and the armrest of my Barcalounger like the granny I am,

I fucking FELL ASLEEP!


SO upset. I just, I can't, I don't...

Commentator Scott Hamilton really does it best, but now I must second his over-used growl of disgust with my own...


how cute is he?

The answer, btw, is: SOOOO cute.

Anyway, the internet is abuzz with talk that Johnny "Be Good" Weir was robbity-rob-rob-ROBBED last night, for reasons as despicable and low down crappy as his possibly being "too gay".

For shame, Olympic judges.


I saw that boy skate on Tuesday night, and although he wasn't the best of the night he was DAMN good. MUCH better than the 6th place ranking he ended up with then and from what I've been reading better than the 6th place final he ended up with yesterday.

I want to be shocked that in the day and age in which we live, people STILL choose to discriminate against those with lifestyles and beliefs different than their own, but I'm really not.

I doubt we'll ever know if Johnny's sexuality had anything to do with his ranking last night. Truthfully I think it matters little, since Johnny Weir is clearly a star above and beyond what the Olympic officials determine his worth. He has his own reality show and a HUGE fan following based on his brutally honest and completely lovable personality.

I, for one, am a fan for life. Olympic recognition or no.

You just keep on with your bad self, Johnny.