Wednesday, May 5, 2010

American Idol Recap! Top 5 Finalists

We're getting close to the end, friends.

I really couldn’t be happier. Especially after sitting through the majority of last night's performances.

To the power of 10...

This week the contestants sing some of the best of Frank Sinatra or, as I like to call him, Frankie Sins (because, yes, I'm cool like that).

When it was mentioned that Harry Connick, Jr. was this week's celebrity mentor this image immediately sprang to my mind:

which is the picture that pops into my head any and every time HCJ's name is mentioned. He might not really be the psychopathic serial-killer he played in Copycat but as long as I live I will never be able to separate the two.

But hey, let's get to this already…

Aaron Kelly is up first with "Fly Me To the Moon".
The words that initially jump out at me when describing this performance are: weak, forced, strained & mousy. However, I will say that Aaron looks as cute as a 5 button vest:

So that's a good thing.

His physical appearance has seemingly trans-morphed once again and most of his resemblance to K.D. Lang has dissipated leaving Aaron as a cross between Christian Bale and Johnny Weir:

Randy was "worried" but thinks he did a "really good job". Ellen likes it though Kara doesn't think he sang as well as last week. Simon has infiltrated my brain waves once again because his reaction is: "If Frank [Sinatra] was a lion, then you are a mouse".
Harsh, but true.

Casey James sings "Blue Skies".
Before I start with having nothing good to say about this performance let me just say how much I dislike the "man-bun". When a male decides to try different styles with his hair, I'm all for it. I just feel the powers that be should save one from the embarrassment of sporting this look:

and just cause the perpetrator to spontaneously burst into flames instead.

As for his singing?
I hate it.
He's got some awful warble in his voice that, were I epileptic, I fear I would be sent into an immediate fit from subjecting my ears to his brand of barnyard vocalization.

Randy calls it his worst performance and Ellen agrees. Kara compares him to a "lamb" and tells him to work on his vibrato. Simon tries to be nice but instead tells Casey he seemed both "embarrassed & awkward" on stage.
In a final boot heel to the groin, Simon says that "at least you know you'll have a gig next week" in reference to Casey boasting about a phone call from a friend who offered him a gig this week, not knowing he was a contestant on Idol.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the irony…

Next up in the butchering of Ol' Blue Eyes is Crystal Bowersox with "Summer Wind".

Ok.This is not good.
It's far from the most offensive thing I've heard this evening (for that, see: Casey James) but it's not what is typically expected when Bowersox takes the stage. In a strange way it's fairly refreshing to see her not completely excel at something.

Randy calls it a "subdued performance" and "sleepy". Ellen has me stumped with her comment that at first Crystal was "swallowing every word" and then follows that up with saying it got better toward the end and that she "has so many different sides". Sorry, Ellen, but neither you nor I have any clue what you're talking about. Kara mentioned that her phrasing was good and Simon called it "indulgent" and this makes for the 2nd week in a row of "OK" performances.

Shit, Bowersox. The pressure? She is ON.

Michael Lynche shows the rest of these jokers how it's done with "The Way You Look Tonight".
Boy is smoooooooooooooooooooooooth with the vocals and he's even got the Rat Pack look going.

I am lo-VING his decision to include horns in the arrangement, keeping it true to the original yet remaining characteristically "Big Mike".

Randy praises him on an "unbelievable arrangement" and that he's "in it to win it". Ellen calls it "very smooth". Kara thinks he "took us on a journey" and Simon felt that "it all clicked" and called it "fantastic".

The last performer of the evening is Lee DeWyze singing "That's Life".
I know I haven't been the biggest Lee fan this season. I think my issue is that he seems packaged as an elfin David Cooke and I think having one of them is enough. That being said, I thought he k.i.l.l.e.d. with this song.

When he sang the line "I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king" boy sounded a whole HELLUVA lot like The Chairman of the Board.

So, color me impressed.

Randy "loved it" and told him he stayed true to himself. Ellen said if this had been the final performance of the contest he would have won. Kara tells Lee that he needs to believe in himself because he "could win this thing". Simon praises him for giving 110% and states the obvious by calling it the best performance of the night.

My pick to go home: Casey

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