Saturday, May 8, 2010

Apparently Google hates me and wants me to be broke and friendless and if that wasn't bad enough they probably killed your cat that time...

Alright, Google. What gives?

For whatever reason Blogger refuses to approve my AdSense account within a reasonable amount of time. I've had this blog for a little over a month now and I'm STILL "pending approval".


I've done countless searches on the web to try and determine the root of the problem but with little success. Mostly I read posts people have put up saying "I can't imagine why. My account was approved in 6 minutes!"

Well, you know what asshole?

THAT doesn't help ME!

Other people suggest it could have something to do with copyright infringement or instances of profanity on your page that might be causing a hold up in the approval process.

So your telling me that I can't say "asshole" like I did just 2 sentences above? What about fuck-sucking dickloving cockfart? Does Google have a problem with me posting pictures of a poorly photo shopped Andy Garcia face on the body of a tranny?

In that case, then I guess we DO have a problem.

Look, Google...
I'm really not trying to start trouble here. I really only curse when necessary and tranny Andy Garcia is beloved by MANY, so let's not PUNISH people here...

I just do not understand why you can't seem to approve my AdSense account in a timely manner.
I will admit that I started this blog with the purpose of (potentially) generating some revenue via blogging especially since the site that hosts my primary blog is completely ad-free (thanks, Word Press!)

I'm not trying to dupe anyone or obtain funding through illegal or fraudulent means. I know this site has a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go before it becomes one of Blogger's more illustrious pages but it doesn't give me much incentive to slave away on this page anymore when I feel like I'm being purposely ignored by my host.


Ok, so I DO have another issue as well:

Can someone please explain to me what the point of Google Friend Connect is aside from overtly showing to readers the popularity (or lack thereof) of the person or persons who write for said site?

I'm not saying any of this to publicly dis the 2 followers I have as of this moment.
'sup my bitches?
It's just that I've been to numerous Blogger sites and clicked the "follow" button and subsequently "followed" that persons blog and my little icon/avatar thingy shows up and it becomes a new badge of honor for the web site's owner and I'm ALL. FOR. THAT.

I guess what I'm saying is: what other than that function is Google Friend Connect good for?

It's not like when you "follow" a blog that way that it immediately adds that site to your reader or whatever. Or does it?
I've never had it work, am I missing something?

It's infuriating. I've "followed" countless blogs on Blogger by clicking the little follow button only NEVER TO SEE THAT SITE AGAIN because how do I get back there now?
Can someone tell me?

I've never found a log of all the sites I've followed this way by means of Google Friend Connect which leads me to believe that clicking the "follow" button on a site that you enjoy reading is utterly pointless and just some sort of demented Internet popularity contest.

And frankly? That just sucks.


I totally went through the trouble of writing this post only to realize that my AdSense account had, in fact, been activated. I decided that since I spent SOME energy writing this I'm not just going to trash it. Instead this will probably piss-off Google just enough to revoke my privileges for ad-hosting.

I'd totally deserve it too.

I still don't get Friend Connect...

Does anyone?

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