why hello there!
my name is steff and i'm a lady-type person from New Jersey.
"Jack & Diane" by John 'Cougar' Mellencamp was the #1 single on the day I was born.
what was yours?

i created this site so i would have an outlet to showcase all my fanatical material on items from popular and not-so-popular culture. i write about stuff i like and stuff i don't like. but mostly stuff i like.

if you have any suggestions for content please email standoffebb [at] gmail [dot] com or just leave a comment on this page.

have i mentioned that you're awesome?


i love you...

well i don't really know you but maybe i would love you if i did. or maybe you'd love me and i'd just find you kind of creepy and then that would make this whole relationship kind of weird. so let's just leave it at:
i love you, unless you are creepy, and if you are, i'm sorry this couldn't work out but i really hope you understand and it's probably better that we aren't friends, for obvious reasons.